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Welcome to everyone!

You are about to join our large and welcoming community dedicated to accessible tourism.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Michela and I am the founder of Travel Simple, an international community that will support you in the organization of your next accessible vacation!

How everything started…
Many people asked me this question in the past, and until now, I did not have an answer to that.
I’ve always been an empathetic person, and I would venture to say that sometimes I’ve been too sensitive and, maybe, such sensitivity leads me to follow this path and make this dream a reality. You know that little inner voice that tells you that things aren’t going the way they should, or maybe the way you want them to, and pushes you to decide to change them? Well, that’s what it was like for me.

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In 2016 I used to live in Spain. One day, a very good friend of mine decided to visit me with her family. She uses a wheelchair, and I, in my innocence, decided to look for an accessible accommodation for them.
I never imagined it could be so hard! The hardest part of it was finding the right information, the real situation, and, to do that, I had to surf so many websites, calling the hotels directly or, sometimes, even go there in person.
The concerns and the questions that a person with any disability, both physical or sensory, permanent or temporary, are too often underestimated or taken lightly; this creates discomfort and impossibility to trust the information found on the Internet.

 Travel Simple aims to be a guide, a friendly meeting point, a trusted and accurate service, without any secrets and awful surprises upon arrival. It wants to be the discreet but efficient “travel companion” that everyone would like to have, before, during and after your experience, because your testimonies upon return will be a stimulus for us to do better and better.
This is our aim, the engine that drives this project: to give everyone the chance to spend memorable moments and create memories that can be treasured in the heart forever.

Help us help you with this!

We want to emphasizes that we are not a travel agency or a tour operator and, we do not sell directly any service present on the website. To sell, we rely on trusted travel agencies or directly on the tours/services organizer.


  • Personalized service in English, Spanish or Italian
  • Fully customizable experience
  • Partnership with expert and leader companies in the accessible travels field
  • Loyalty
  • Safety
  • Simplicity
  • Reliability, the information provided is real and leave no room forawful surprises upon arrival
  • Ten-years’ experience in the tourism fieldco

Our Mission

Our mission is to allow everyone to have an enjoyable and thought-free holiday.
Travel Simple is the first community that connects accessible tourism’s supply and demand.
Are you looking for accessible experiences? You’re in the right place!
Do you offer accessible services? You’re also in the right place!
Every experience presents on our website is tailor sized by customer’s requests and needs. We partner with the best local providers to give the best, safe, and comfortable experience ever.

The only thing you have to worry about is…to pack your luggage!

Follow our page and come with us to this new incredible adventure!

Travel Simple, spreading accessibility around the world.

Our values

Travel Simple is equity and freedom.
We believe that traveling is a fundamental right for everyone, no matter what.

Travel Simple is sharing and wellbeing.
We are a friendly, authentic, and global community. Every opinion is priceless, and every experience is valuable. Travel Simple is attention to detail.
Not every travel is the same and, of course, not every person is the same. We all have different needs, different ideas, and different preferences, and we are here to help you make.

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