Rome needs no introduction! Its culture, its history, its tradition never get tired. From monuments to museums, from walks to aperitifs overlooking the Tiber, the possibilities are endless and we, who seek only the best, have been testing everything for you!


Rome, wonderful eternal city and splendid capital of the Italian Republic.
It is located in central Italy, it is the capital of the Lazio region, and the most populous municipality in Italy; before her, we find only Berlin and Madrid. Rome is beautiful all year round, but if you were to ask us to advise you when to go, we would surely answer: spring, with its warm and pleasant temperatures, and autumn, with the cheerful “Ottombrate romane“.  

Rome map
Termini rail station


The quote “all roads lead to Rome” could not be more accurate. For those who have to reach Rome from another Italian region, the most convenient option is undoubtedly the train. The capital is, in fact, well connected to most Italian stations and with more possibilities during the day.
Those who prefer to travel by plane or arrive from a foreign country can choose to land at Fiumicino or Ciampino airports, both served by the world’s major airlines.   


For those who, like us, love to eat, in Rome, you will indeed find “something to sink your teeth into”!
The paradise of pasta is based in Rome: spaghetti alla carbonara, bucatini all’amatriciana, spaghetti cacio e pepe…better to stop here because our mouths are already watering, try it to believe!
But the specialties do not end here. Meat has a starring role too, there are many traditional recipes based on meat, such as saltimbocca alla Romana, abbacchio scottadito, porchetta alla Romana, accompanied perhaps by artichokes alla giudia.
We suggest you try the famous maritozzo, a baked cake filled with soft, fresh whipped cream for those who love sweets.



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